Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where do I begin..

Where do I begin..? I began reading several blogs a few weeks ago and just fell in love with what these people had to say. So, now it's my turn and I hope people find me just as interesting.
I started reading blogs because my boyfriend, Coy starts Med School in the Fall and people said it would help to see what other "spouses" of Med students and/or doctors are saying... That way I am prepared to "survive" Med School. It has been a little scary, to be honest, to read some of the thoughts of these miraculous women. But I also noticed that most of these women are married and most of them have kids. Coy and I plan to get married and we plan to have kids, but not yet. So, I feel that if there is anyone out there in my situation they should be able to come and read what it's like to be madly in love but not yet married to a Med Student! So, here I go...
A few things about me are… I am a Receptionist at a Commercial Property Management Company and a Sales Associate at Banana Republic. Even though, I am presently, desperately trying to find one full time job that will pay all my bills. Yet, this search is long lasting and Coy is trying to be supportive but it's hard for the both of us…. Also, Coy and I have two male dogs, one’s named Rocky and the other is Kuhmo. They are my children, Coy’s dogs because I treat them like humans, most of the time. Coy and I switch off nights cooking for each other, even though he is like a gourmet chef and my cooking is throwing a frozen lasagna in the oven. I guess you can blame it on having a working mother all my life and a boyfriend and sister who love to cook for me. Coy and I also have “date night” once a week, normally Fridays as long as I’m not working late. Well, I’ll stop there for now. This was fun!

Well, I know my mission is to write from a Med Student’s girlfriend perspective but classes don’t start until August so bear with me as I write about my second to last summer before rotations. Any comments or questions just let me know I’ll be happy to respond.