Monday, August 30, 2010

September is almost here...

I have been SO busy. I apologize. I’ve been really trying to keep up with the blogs that I follow, but that has taken away any time I’ve had left to write.

Things going on:

· Coy has not only started school, but has become elbow deep in it. He studies all the time and we try to have date night once a week and have successfully had dinner with each other every night, so far.

· We have changed our wedding date to Memorial Day weekend. Which we had originally chosen that weekend (May 28) because everyone would be out of school and it would just work out perfectly with his lease ending at the first of June, but then we realized it was Memorial Day weekend. So, we decided to bump it up to the 21st and just hope everyone could make it. But after a recent discovery of a major problem with our honeymoon falling on a bad week for me, we’ve decided to move it back to May 28.

· I’m ready for all the holidays… Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, which leads to my birthday, Valentine’s Day, and my anniversary. I can feel it getting close, not only because September is nearly here, but also Starbucks has started serving their pumpkin spice latte. YAY!!

· I love my new job at Starbucks. It has been a month and I absolutely love it more and more each day… Last week though, I worked 9 days straight and ended up sick. This then ended up making Coy sick. Whoops!

So, I was wondering “What makes a friend?”… Because the other night, I had a friend of mine say “we aren’t friends because we never talk anymore”. I’m like “we are talking now and we talked a month ago. So what do you mean?”… I feel if you were once a good friend of mine then you will always be a good friend, even if life gets too busy and we don’t get to talk as often as we used to… Coy works so hard to keep in contact with people. He really puts effort into keeping his friendships alive. I, on the other hand, just assume we will still be friends even if we only get to see or talk each other every once in awhile. I guess I just accept that I am busy and so are you and when we get time we will work something out. What do you think? Let me know.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Love of my Life

Once upon a time… a girl said yes to a date with a boy. They had an amazing first date that started with dinner and went on for hours. That date turned into dates, which turned into days then weeks which turned into months and the next thing they knew love had crept up on them. Then this past Thursday night (August 12), after a long day at work, she came home to a boyfriend in a panic saying there was an emergency at her Mamaw’s (intense? I know) and they had to get over there A.S.A.P. But as they arrived she realized there wasn’t an emergency AT ALL! Instead she saw rose pedals leading to candles, flowers and champagne. There he got on one knee and asked her to marry him…. And I said “OF COURSE!!”

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Am I Jumping the Gun?

I have this obsession, which I had worked so hard on curing while single, but Coy has awaken this monster... So, this past Sunday Coy and I (plus my Mom, sister and her boyfriend) went to the Wedding Show. I have went for the past three years but this year was different, it seemed so official. We registered under Bride and Groom, tried foods, talked to vendors and got a few ideas. I, also, ran into a few people I know and had to tell them the truth, "oh. we aren't actually engaged yet. We just know we are getting married next spring, so we came". It was kind of embarrassing though, because I feel like they are thinking "oh, so you are forcing him to marry you and you think dragging him here will help". No, he came willingly!... Anyway, since then we have made the list of who is invited to the destination wedding (the reception invite list is being put off for now because of the fact it will be long and probably should be typed. lol)... This brings us to, I've started looking at invites and such.
I started thinking the other day and made my final decision last night that our colors will be black, white and green. So, here is the SAVE THE DATE! I don't even know if this will be a good idea since we aren't having a ceremony in town. What are everyone's opinions?

I also found an invite I like too, but I would like to make a few minor changes to it. Opinions?

But the real question here is... Am I Jumping the Gun? I've always thought that I would have a long engagement. This way I would have time to have an engagement party, send save the dates, enjoy my engagement, plenty of time to plan, and enjoy the fact that I can say "This is my
Fiancé ", but plans change. The day has been officially set to May 21, 2011. That is 9 months and 11 days from today. That seems like plenty of time, but there is just so many "to-dos" running through my head. Plus, looking at invitations and dresses is good clean fun, but I do not think it is wise to begin ordering them until there is a ring on my finger... My Mom says she can plan a wedding in a month, I said no! How long does a girl need?
Comments please! I need opinions.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


So, I changed my background which then messed up my previous post. Whoops!
UPDATE: Started my new job Monday. LOVE IT! I just pray that I will continue catching on and remembering all the drink recipes. Also, I started my diet Monday. After Coy’s and my vacation this past weekend, I decided that I’ve put this off long enough and if I’m getting married next summer, I need to get skinny again. I’ve been thinking about how I used to be 20lbs lighter but that I’d be happy just losing 10. Then, this weekend I was in a picture a bit tipsy and there is my gut just hanging out. Shameful, I know. Then, to make matters worse I begin complaining to my friend that is like 5’6” 110lbs and her response is “don’t worry I sometimes look pregnant in pictures, too”. After that I decided that once Coy and I got home I was starting my diet and workout plan. So, we have been doing P90X and I’ve been counting calories since Monday. Wish me luck!
Coy starts his orientation week this Monday, which technically is classes within a getting to know you week. Then, his family is coming into town for his White Coat Ceremony that following Saturday. So, this means my intermediate family meets his. Yay! Very Exciting... I’m off work for his White Coat Ceremony but he has two dinners this next week for “Med Students and Spouses”, that I will be unable to attend due to my new job. Which sucks, but what’s a girl to do?.. Also, I joined the support group for Med Students and Their Spouses and we had to miss the first event of the school year because we were out of town and I have a feeling I’ll miss many more…. We have decided though, that 4 nights out of the 7 we must have dinner together. My work schedule is four nights 3-11PM, one day from 11-7PM, then two days off each week. So, my three evenings off I will make sure that no matter what we can have dinner together, even if it means bringing it up to him at school. Then the other evening he has to make sure he is available for 30mins for me. The other three evenings it would be great to have dinner with each other, but with our newly hectic schedules we need to be realistic. On the positive note, we do have the rest of our lives together to make up for Med School and the years that follow. It’s just my only fear is if we don’t try we will forget how to communicate with each other. Example: When people have children and put all their time and effort into raising them. So, then when the children leave (for college or they get married) they feel like they have to start over again or they just give up and end it. It happens all the time.
Comments and questions are greatly appreciated.