Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting to Know Me..

Hello Readers,

I've recently noticed that I have several new readers and I thought I would blog today about "Getting to Know Me"... I am an opinionated 23 year old named Kris. I work in the morning as a receptionist/Face of the Family Company/whatever they tell me to do girl and at night I am a Starbucks Shift Supervisor and everything it entitles. I'm also a doggy mom to a border collie, named Kuhmo (Kuhmie, I like to call him) and a Rottweiler Shepherd mix named Rocky. Most importantly, I'm the fiance of the greatest guy on earth, who is named Coy. Coy and I are getting married 3 months from TODAY at The MGM in Vegas, NV... I hope to go back to school in August of this year to be an Elementary School teacher and I'd like to have 2, maybe 3 children before I turn 30 (I have a lot to do in 7 years)... I started this blog because I was the girlfriend of a Med Student and every other blogger I found that could semi-relate to me, were married to a StuDoc (Student Doctor) or a Doctor and I felt that I could be of assistants to a newer crowd of people. So, here I am! I tend to talk more about myself then him though, but am always willing to answer questions about Med School... I am also a runner trying to accomplish more than a 5k and on top of that, trying to accomplish "The Body of My Dreams". BUT it's harder than it seems.
So, I hope all you new and old readers love what I have to share... Happy Reading!


  1. How do you do it all? I give you credit because you have a lot on your plate! Congrats on the upcoming wedding in VEGAS!! :)

  2. Hi Kris! I don't remember how I stumbled onto your blog, but it's nice to meet you! I follow people I find interesting, so yay you!